CoH: I5: Gilly — the freedom of tight constraints

So, when reworking Gilly, there were a couple ‘rules’ regarding the character that I had to adhere to:
1. If it isn’t a punch, I can’t have. Gilly has magic gloves — no uber foot stomps, no jump kicks.
2. Gilly’s happy: no Rage.
3. Gilly is the Gilly Jumping Bean. As much as Air Superiority might be nice, Gilly Jumps, and I don’t have slots for another pool.
4. Gilly loves to taunt. Taunt cannot be put off to level 22 or whatever, just so I can get Stamina faster.
Here’s how I’ll probably respec Gilly (note: she’s currently level 18):

Archetype: Tanker
Primary Powers – Ranged : Invulnerability
Secondary Powers – Support : Super Strength
01 : Jab acc(01) dam(3) dam(31) dam(36) dam(39) dam(40)
01 : Temp Invulnerability damres(01) damres(5) damres(5) damres(7) damres(7) damres(9)
02 : Punch acc(02) dam(3) dam(29) dam(36) dam(37) dam(40)
04 : Dull Pain recred(04) recred(11) recred(13) recred(17) recred(21) recred(21)
06 : Combat Jumping jmp(06)
08 : Unyielding damres(08) damres(9) damres(11) damres(13) damres(15) damres(19)
10 : Taunt tntdur(10)
12 : Resist Physical Damage damres(12) damres(15) damres(17) damres(19)
14 : Super Jump jmp(14)
16 : Swift rnspd(16)
18 : Invincibility thtbuf(18)
20 : Health hel(20) hel(27) hel(27) hel(33) hel(34) hel(39)
22 : Stamina endrec(22) endrec(23) endrec(23) endrec(25) endrec(25) endrec(29)
24 : Knockout Blow acc(24) dam(31) dam(33) dam(34) dam(37) dam(39)
26 : Haymaker acc(26) dam(31) dam(33) dam(34) dam(37) dam(40)
28 : Resist Energies damres(28)
30 : Resist Elements damres(30)
32 : Unstoppable recred(32)
35 : Hurl acc(35) dam(36)
38 : Hand Clap acc(38)
01 : Brawl enhancement(01)
01 : Sprint enhancement(01)
02 : Rest enhancement(02)
What it does:
1. Smash/Lethal is slotted to be capped by level 19 (though I don’t *really* cap until SO’s at 22).
2. Dull Pain has the slots to go perma by the time I can get SO’s at 22.
3. Between the smash/lethal resistance and the Dull pain giving her 140% health, and fast Health, she should be pretty darn capable as a tank.
What it doesn’t do:
1. Damage. However, With just Jab, Punch, and Brawl until level 24, running 3 toggles, I should be able to manage the inevitable endurance problems.
2. Solo quickly. She’ll solo slower than dirt, but look at the build, people: she is clearly designed to tank for a group, getting and holding aggro. If it’s really frustrating, I’ll swap the Acc’s in my attacks for Damage, and rely on the ToHit buff in Invincibility to help her hit.
I’d *like* to have Haymaker sooner, sure. I’d like to be the king of all Londinium and wear a shiny hat, but that’s not going to happen.
Gilly jumps, Gilly taunts, and Gilly is really tough (both by virtue of her resistances and her unusually high health). I play her STRICTLY to tank for teams, and I want to be able to do that well. I think this gets me what I want.

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