Kheldian Hack for CoH Planner

I’ve tried to email this to folks, but it’s not working so… if you want an updated file for CoH Planner that actually shows you the I5 numbers for their Shields and for Dwarf Form…
1. Right-click on this link: Kheldian Hack
2. Save-file-as kheldian.txt into your coh_planner_normal\at_data directory, wherever that is.
3. Start up the Planner. That’s it. You might need to delete an enhancement off of a power and then add it back in to get the numbers to change, but they will.


  1. Nick: Are those my cues?
    Catherwood: Yes. Why don’t you get them out of the cellophane before they scorch?
    Battle Maiden
    Black Swan
    Mother Mayhem

  2. I’m pretty sure I need the M’s. Maybe not ALL of them, but I’m guessing that the one or two more AVs that I need for the badge are either Malaise, Marauder, or Mother Mayhem. I *think* I can remember fighting everyone else at some point or another.

  3. Fairly sure I need:
    Mother Mayhem
    Shadow Hunter

  4. Is there any way to find out which AVs you’ve defeated? I’m sure of only two on that list. You don’t get badges for them, do you?

  5. Hype/Syn needs: Malaise, Marauder, and Battle Maiden. HT needs… I dunno. A bunch of em, probably.
    Noelle: Mother Mayhem is the Numina-shadow — her minions are all normal npcs with psi-blast.
    Definitely seeing some M-name overlap. With any luck, Hype and Syn should get those pretty soon. We’ll Hollah.

  6. Ok, then I think we did the Mother Mayhem one. That was where I commented to you that it was hard to tell the bad guys from the NPCs, if I remember correctly.
    So I’m thinking it’s Marauder. Maybe Malaise.
    And Avo, you have to get all of them before you get the badge, but it counts if you’re on a team that defeats them, not only if you do it yourself in the story arc. I think.
    Maybe we can churn out a few of those Ms this weekend, after I do the Croatoa TF?

  7. Okay, so no way to tell which I still need other than depending on my rapidly failing memory? Ick.
    So I need to listen in CC for people announcing AV missions, or we need an AV thread in Plans of Action…?

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