Starts off about SD, but mostly Strat

Got Shade Dancer to 14, got a new power, promptly got her killed twice, messing around with it (two Quantum gunners in one mission? Oy).
Got kinda close to 31 with Strat and decided to push through and ding — got into an outdoor mission in Croatoa that redlined deadlined him twice within seconds — like, “too fast to react” fast. Against only five yellow minions, and I had backup. Frustrating. Especially since Strat really doesn’t get leveled (or level) very often.
Game, interfering with story — I like the mortality of Strat — I like that he’s a ‘normal’ guy with nothing but a good mind and training on his side: it makes the inherent squishiness of Super Reflexes and the annoying Endurance problems of Martial Arts… bearable.
Barely. Only Barely.
I like the idea of a bomb-defusing mission going wrong and nearly killing him, making it impossible for him to continue in a frontline, scrapper role. Remaking him as an TA/Archery Defender would be fun and interesting. (I suggested something similar to Patriot One awhile ago — since P1 as a tank is frustrating, having Gideon rebuild the armor to accomplish different Tasks and rerolling him as whatever.)
But the game’s in the way. I’d want to get strat up to a point where he could still team with the same folks, which means seriously intensive play as Strat until he got up into the 20’s again. The intensive RP I can deal with — the intensively compressed gameplay… eh.
Could I do it? Sure. Do I want to take that kind of time away from other characters and RP? No. Could I get some folks to PL him up there in about one day? Sure. Would I be willing to give that kind of example to the rest of the Phalanx? No.
Which means I probably won’t do it, which kinda sucks.


  1. Oooh.
    Oh, man.
    Actually, the thing to do with Strat is do the Hess TF and have him not make it out of the volcano at the end.
    That would be cooooool.

  2. Oh, very cool.
    Locked in mortal combat with Archon Burkholder, the timer ticking, buying his comrades time, the lava rising …
    Very cool.

  3. *Hands Doyce an Alt-a-holics card…*
    Meetings are held every day in Paragon city.

  4. That would be sweet, yes. And pretty damn good RP for your teammates, too.
    (Pstt… Noelle still needs the Hess TF)

  5. All of mine still need the Hess TF so if you decide to do that.. Give me a holler for certain.

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