Unforeseen Consequences

Plague Strikes WoW:

Blizzard recently added the Zul’Gurub instance to the game, where Hakkar, the god of blood, uses a devastating disease attack on anyone who dares fight him. Seeing as how it’s a disease and most diseases are contagious, it shouldn’t be shocking when some players come back and haven’t been cured.
And that’s exactly what’s happened. Players are returning from this instance to towns with the diseases, spreading it, and Blizzard’s in a panic to keep things under control. GM’s have started to quarantine players in an effort to control the spreading, but players keep leaving the quarantine areas. Unless you’re above level 50, you more or less immediately fall over dead from the disease.
There hasn’t been a patch to stop the plague, but here’s to hoping Blizzard doesn’t actually cop out and simply eliminate the virus from the world; this is one of the reasons massively multiplayer online videogames are so cool!

I have to agree: this is pretty cool. 🙂 I love it when semi-smart programs hand you something you built that turns into something you didn’t. It’s awesome.


  1. That’s pretty remarkable, a quasi-real life instance of, “Hey, look what happens when we remove the mortality interlocks on the holo-deck” kind of thing. Neat.
    On the other hand, now I’ve started worrying about the Vahzilok plague becoming contagious …

  2. The Vazhilok Plague goes away after a certain number of days I think, even if you don’t do the mission. But it would be amusing for it to be mildly contagious as a mini-event of some sort.
    Sort of like the arsons, but having to stop vazh from rampaging through the city streets and vaccinate screaming civilians at the same time.

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