The sincerest form of flattery. :P

So I’ve got this thing that one of my newer characters does… a little ’emote’ that establishes the character — the cat-petting thing, for those of you who’ve seen it.
Yeah. Did it in a group with some alliance folks, including someone with a very similar powerset to my character.
About a week later, did it with a friend of mine who said “did you make that up?”
I said yeah, they said “Oh, so and so (the person with the same powerset) is doing that… I was wondering where they got the idea.”
Me, apparently.
So, today… I notice a new character application that…
Well, let’s say there’s a lot similarities to another character background of mine — which, to put it lightly, has happened before.
I mean…
… feh. Nevermind. Just bitching, I guess.

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