The sincerest form of flattery. :P

So I’ve got this thing that one of my newer characters does… a little ’emote’ that establishes the character — the cat-petting thing, for those of you who’ve seen it.
Yeah. Did it in a group with some alliance folks, including someone with a very similar powerset to my character.
About a week later, did it with a friend of mine who said “did you make that up?”
I said yeah, they said “Oh, so and so (the person with the same powerset) is doing that… I was wondering where they got the idea.”
Me, apparently.
So, today… I notice a new character application that…
Well, let’s say there’s a lot similarities to another character background of mine — which, to put it lightly, has happened before.
I mean…
… feh. Nevermind. Just bitching, I guess.


  1. Hrm. I feel your pain, although this mostly happens to me via accents/methods of speech that I do. Yeah, it’s kind of nice to have someone think “Oooo, that’s cool” and start doing it, but the annoyance of something you spent skull sweat on being used by someone else, specifically without your permission…yeah, that’s annoying. ūüėõ

  2. I guess I missed it…what?
    Bitch away….
    I tend to find it amusing that things that Puck says make it in to regular usage in the Alliance.
    The thing that I have been doing with the Bas’ have not made been copied yet.
    Now I do know of a person that is very upset that their entire character’s speech and habits has been lifted lock stock and barrel by three other toons.

  3. > So what thing are you
    > doing that is being copied?
    Shade Dancer’s got this thing she does with the little dark-energy-balls that circle you with Orbiting Death — pets them like cats… it’s an emote I macro’d for her… she calls them her pets or cherubim when she summons them, then pets them absently, like cats, when they’re running.
    A couple weeks ago, I did it in front of Shattered Mask on a team… a few days later, Kin mentioned SM was doing it.
    Shade Dancer’s background is that she’s a devout member of the heretic kurdish Yazidi sect who, when visited by the Kheldian Shade Dancer, thought it was Melek Taus the Peacock angel (the sect’s demiurge) and had a Joan of Arc-like religious calling/epiphany. ((
    A few days ago, someone posted pretty much exactly the same background for their kheldian peacebringer, except Catholic.
    It’s just frustrating.

  4. On a reverse twist of this thread, I was informed by a few Alliance members that my use of the name ShadowBreaker (a toon that I’ve been playing off and on since CoH release) was a blatant ripoff of StarBreaker (not by StarBreaker himself, he and I have teamed a few times and it was cool). But I find it annoying that some people would point fingers, then turn around and do something like that themselves!
    Ah well, on an off topic note. Did you guys ever play the old classic X-Com games? Well a few years ago a company came out with an X-Com clone (called UFO: Aftermath) that was quite good. Even better though they’re releasing a much better version called UFO: Aftershock next month!
    Check it out:

  5. Ah well, on an off topic note. Did you guys ever play the old classic X-Com games?
    Dude. Love that game. Have a version that runs perfectly on modern machines, and I *still* love it — even found a couple moderately acceptable Multiplayer versions, a RPG expansion for X-Com underseveral systems, and a really good miniatures rules set for running missions.
    I love that game. Man, using a CoH model, it would be an Awesome 0 – to – 50 MMORPG.

  6. Yah, that game was awesome. I started playing it while still at the U. So I used to name all my soldiers after friends and such. It was quite amusing when “Lee” got mindcontrolled and turned around and obliterated “Steve”. Ahhh, the good old days. Definitely looking forward to Aftershock though, the demo vid points at quite a few interesting things. Although apparently they got rid of air combat in this version. Drat.

  7. I remember sitting down to play a quick mission of X-Com before going to class and a few hours later having my stomach growl at me and realize it was lunchtime and I had played half the day away at it.
    The original X-Com was just amazingly good.

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