1.5 weeks in review

As noted here, it’s been an odd week-plus.
HT and Scorp haven’t been on together this week, though I know Scorpia did some fun stuff with someone re: the Puppy. HT also made a brief cameo in an Envoy of Shadows ass-kicking…
I had forgotten how much damage he does. Holy Hell. In playing Hype and Epitaph and Strat so much, I’d gotten used to the idea that a ‘good’ hit does about 120, unaugmented, and when pushed, might briefly touch 200. Hang Time’s SMALLEST, quick-filler attack is in that 120 range, and attack damage spirals majestically upwards from there, up to something like 680 from an aim-build up-snipe on a purple-conning AV, while gimped to level 38. Prreeeeeetty. There is much fun to be had there. I had forgotten. I’m sorry. ūüôā
Hype and Syn haven’t moved much at all. We’ve got about 4 missions left in the 40-45 Nemesis story arc, but stalled about five nights back on the Nosferatu AV fight — he can’t take us down, but we can’t get him down before he kicks off his 7000 point heal. ūüėõ So, we need an extra person or two, and haven’t been able to play them since that night. So… stalled out. I’d like to play through that arc tonight, but I’m thinking this will be an antisocial evening. Hype and Syn have both reslotted themselves in anticipation of I6. I’ll still need a respec to take some slots out of Hasten and Stamina (*whimper*), but Hype’s already operating at close the same resistances he’ll have in I6, we’ve already had our attacks very nicely diversified, and since then we’ve taken down 2 AV’s, duoing it. I am not terribly concerned about the I6 changes.
Epitaph (call me John) dinged 21 in the Synapse TF (with War Bones, Hekuba, Midnite, Pizzaz, and Chilljoy), and hit 22 two nights back. I have stamina ‘maxed’ with three slots, and picked up Thermal Shield at level 22, which is already helping IMMENSELY during his numerous ubiquitous Council/Sky Raider missions and their flamethrowers. ((The new Kheldian arc is Sky Raiders, my Natural Origin contact is Sky Raiders/Council, and I’m doing the Striga Isle Arc, which is largely … Raiders and Council. Yeah. Lots of flame throwers.))
John’s also involved in a really cool storyarc with Midnite and Hekuba and War bones, and thanks to some great info-exhange with Hek’s player, we’ve tied it very nicely into John’s past and his amnesia AND the kheldian thing — hooray, story! My only complaint is that I don’t have enough time to write all the cool story ideas this and other stuff is giving me.
Pummelcite hit 10 and after LOTS of hemming and hawing I opted to get Stone Skin (S/L resistance) and put off Taunt til 12. Of course, since then I’ve seen almost no effect from Stone Skin and have bitched dozens of times about “this” being a perfect time to have Taunt. Meh. Level 12: Taunt and DO’s = Yay.

Did some RP with in the CoV beta with Kethos (Dark Melee/Fire Armor Brute) and his sister Myca. Kethos will be on Virtue and founding an SG that I’ve already got the start of a write-up on. My tech-origin Stalker will be on Champion. I’m frustrated by that right now, since I deleted Centreshot (as the one most easily rerolled and releveled later) to free up a Champion slot to get a good stalker name, and I can’t get one I like, which makes me feel like I zacked a character I really enjoyed, for no benefit.


  1. Well…
    When you feel like tackling the Nofferatu AV, let Zazi know. She just loves the bonuses that Syn rains down.

  2. Or, alternately (or additionally) PC and Amorpha would enjoy assisting.
    — Dave-on-Margie’s-PC

  3. I’d be happy to bring in Mal and his debuffs.
    I can’t bring the imaginary friends as that rat bastard of a vamp can use them to fuel his aoe heal.

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