Something Wicked, This Way Comes

Thank you for ordering from Your order has been shipped completely. The status and/or ship date for each item on your order is detailed below.
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Ordered: 2 Shipped: 2 City of Villains with Bonus!

Also, from CuppaJoe
Retail game codes will not be accepted by the system until the game is officially launched. The ONLY way to get into the 2 day headstart is with a special Pre-order code from the pre-order CDROM – beta access won’t get you in, a retail code won’t do it, a note from your momma won’t do it. Pre-Order Box Code Only!


  1. Not to worry, Stan:
    Kethos is going to be working with a character whose player has — so far — not recieved their preorder materials yet, due to a bad case of “living outside the U.S.”. This means that Keth is going to pound his way to level 10, get the SG name he wants, then I’ll be back in CoH for the rest of the weekend, so as not to level too far away from Myca.

  2. My copy of the game actually arrived today. The lacking of accepting retail codes until offical launch kind of irks me, it means I likely won’t be creating one of my character ideas in CoV until after Monday so I can use the Arachnos chest emblem in the costume from the Collector’s Edition, but I guess that is the method they are using to keep people from getting into CoV right away.

  3. I received my copy this afternoon. I hope to run into you folks there or in CoH.

  4. Stan – why won’t you be CoV in this weekend? Oh and I’ll be around on Virtue and Champion likely toying with CoV this weekend.

  5. That is so weird. Jackie and I got the preorder disks like… weeks ago. Whom did you preorder from — so I can never buy anything from them.
    EB Games, people. EB Games 🙂

  6. Oddly…My Pre-order Disk and my CE will show up at the same time…what to do…what to do…
    Basically…everything about CoV has gone badly so far….But I shall over come this…oh yes…I will.

  7. They do have shops locally as well. I wonder what the deal is with your disks. Must be that Bolder is like a foreign country :). I would personally express my displeasure to them, but then again I am like that.

  8. I got my preorder at the local store. I didn’t know for two weeks that they were supposed to have given me a disk at the time, so I didn’t get into the CoV beta until it was almost over. :p
    Picking up the actual game today, so I’ll have it to play a bit of CoV before work Saturday afternoon. And maybe all day Sunday, if it holds my interest that much.

  9. Yay and Huzzah!
    Everything came in lastnight while I was at gaming.
    I will load it after I gat done with Puck’s Omega clearance arc.

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