1. Yuppers. Went through all my characters I’m concerned with, did a CoH Planner to figure out the slotting (ED certainly means plenty of extra slots), then tried out each of the characters to see who had a freespec. Two of them, as it turns out. The others are all ready for the freespec that will come with I6.

  2. Hmmm. I think my Ene/Ene Blaster and Invul/Ene Tanker are the only two that might need to use the freespec’s and they already used their last ones. None of the rest of mine have more then 4 slots in anything so won’t be moving slots on them really.
    *shrugs* Likely will end up having to play around and test things for a couple days before I start yanking slots from things anyways. Hasten and Stamina will be the big ones to make decisions on for me.

  3. Out of free respecs. How do I use a regular one? I still have three of those. (I accidentally left out Ice Patch in my last free respec! Oops.)

  4. To use a normal respec go to Jack Wolfe inside the Freedom Corps building in Galaxy City, the building behind the Back Alley Brawler. He stands in that building at about the same spot that the SG Registrar does in Atlas Park and is dressed in the Freedom Corps red and white if I remember correctly.

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