Strike Out

CoV Strikeforce Basics, below:

A Strike Force is simply the villains’ version of a Task Force. City of Villains Strike Forces debut with auto-RSKing already built in.
Virgil Tarikoss
Location: Mt. Diable in Cap Au Diable.
Level Range: 15-20
Auto-RSK Level: 20
Villain Groups: Longbow, Legacy Chain, Circle of Thorns, and Bat’Zul
AVs: Infernal (Elite Boss), Bat’Zul (Archvillain)
Silver Mantis
Location: This SF can only be unlocked via the mission computer in bases
Level Range: 20-25
Auto-RSK Level: 25
Villain Groups: Tsoo, Lost, Council, Freaks, Crey, Sky Raiders
AVs: Col. Duray of the Sky Raiders
Special Note: SF is made up of only special maps you only usually see 1 time in CoH, such as the Vamp Chamber, or the Tsoo Tatoo Parlor or the newly fixed Paragon Protector Lab
Strike Force Leader Renault
Location: Sharkhead Isle
Level Range: 25-30
Auto-RSK Level: 30
Villain Groups: Longbow, Arachnos, Coralax
Sparcetriel (First Respec Trial)
Location: Southeastern Nerva Archipelago
Level Range: 25-30
Auto-RSK Level: 30
Villain Groups: CoT, Wyven, Legacy Chain, and Longbow
AVs: Thorn Tree
Tresparciel (2nd Respec Trial)
Location: Northern Nerva Archipelago
Level Range: 30-40
Auto-RSK Level: 40
Villain Groups: DE, Circle of Thorns
AVs: Thorn Tree
Ice Minstral
Location: Golden Giza in St. Martial
Level Ranges: 35-40


  1. A long way from being able to do it on virtue….like seven levels. 🙂

  2. I am less then one level off on Virtue, Atom Smasher is 14 there. Only at 12 on Champion.
    Yeah. Silver Mantis was the one I was thinking of when you mentioned it tonight. It is supposed to be the single coolest TF/SF to date.
    One of the others was the other one I was thinking of with the giant undersea monster maps.
    We might get the Silver Mantis SF/TF unlocked on the Phalanx side for the Hero version before we get it setup with any group on the Villain side. Probably only 500k to go Phalanx side for Generator, Control items, crafting tables to make computer and cost of placing it.
    Oh, the first SF, either 4 or 6 missions long, don’t remember which but very damned short and very damned cool apparently, though the AV fight was a bit of a bitch in the beta. They have apparently toned down the AV since then.

  3. It also only needs 4 to start, so if we wanted to run it sometime very soon, Hedera and Atom Smasher are both within reach of 15. Sounds like Kethos is 15. Just would need a 4th and we could do a quick run and see how we handle it.

  4. We’re almost 16, in fact, and scouted out the location for Virgil last night. I’ve actually found that lower level TFs seem to be more managable if you /don’t/ max the team size. That’s when you’re running them within the actual level ranges, of course, instead of people RSK’d down with SOs. Those teams tend not to need a size reduction because of increased performance efficiency.

  5. Yeah, I was actually thinking:
    Hushman (depending on which day we do it)
    Atom Smasher
    and Darkest Thorn, if she’s in the range. If not, 5’s optimal.

  6. Can always do it again later to grab the stragglers. So yeah, will have to push to hit 15 then.

  7. *EEP* Ok I will have to get Hedera to 15 then. I will work on it tonight if my evil plans for Shock and Mal fall through.

  8. Evil Plans…do tell ;P
    Well…good news…The FtF game is off tonight. So I will be in game.
    Who to play…who to play. 🙂
    oh yeah…first Zot…who is 80 points from the next level….then maybe 19.

  9. Assassin One just hit 13 on Champion ( though he is a strictly solo character for me, so far at least ).
    Atom Smasher is 14.5 on Virtue.
    We need to get some big teams going again.

  10. Silver Mantis /is/ one cool looking TF, especially the last mission (without giving any spoilers… you start inside the cargo ship then move outside). Ran that one tonight, it’s 6 missions, and Duray is one tough cookie who was having fun tossing us about (2 brutes, 1 stalker, 2 MM’s and 1 Domi). But that last mission map is sweet. I recommend taking screenies when you get there =)

  11. Oh, Atom Smasher is up to 17 and 3 or 4 bubbles now. Need to buy DOs for him but good to go other then that whenever we decide to do it.

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