Strike Out

CoV Strikeforce Basics, below:

A Strike Force is simply the villains’ version of a Task Force. City of Villains Strike Forces debut with auto-RSKing already built in.
Virgil Tarikoss
Location: Mt. Diable in Cap Au Diable.
Level Range: 15-20
Auto-RSK Level: 20
Villain Groups: Longbow, Legacy Chain, Circle of Thorns, and Bat’Zul
AVs: Infernal (Elite Boss), Bat’Zul (Archvillain)
Silver Mantis
Location: This SF can only be unlocked via the mission computer in bases
Level Range: 20-25
Auto-RSK Level: 25
Villain Groups: Tsoo, Lost, Council, Freaks, Crey, Sky Raiders
AVs: Col. Duray of the Sky Raiders
Special Note: SF is made up of only special maps you only usually see 1 time in CoH, such as the Vamp Chamber, or the Tsoo Tatoo Parlor or the newly fixed Paragon Protector Lab
Strike Force Leader Renault
Location: Sharkhead Isle
Level Range: 25-30
Auto-RSK Level: 30
Villain Groups: Longbow, Arachnos, Coralax
Sparcetriel (First Respec Trial)
Location: Southeastern Nerva Archipelago
Level Range: 25-30
Auto-RSK Level: 30
Villain Groups: CoT, Wyven, Legacy Chain, and Longbow
AVs: Thorn Tree
Tresparciel (2nd Respec Trial)
Location: Northern Nerva Archipelago
Level Range: 30-40
Auto-RSK Level: 40
Villain Groups: DE, Circle of Thorns
AVs: Thorn Tree
Ice Minstral
Location: Golden Giza in St. Martial
Level Ranges: 35-40

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