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I respeced Hype this week and did Nosferatu with Kin and Shock and Syn, then logged out — he works just fine with the ED stuff in effect — hell with the extra slots I had to work with, I put two endurance recoveries in his main toggle powers and he has almost no endurance issues now. Worked out something vaguely resembling a respec for Strat, but haven’t done it yet.
Respecced HT this afternoon so I’d be ready to do the Positron TF this evening.
Get this: I dropped Hasten. No, the world didn’t end.
Picked up Conserve Power instead, three slotted it, and just put recharage recoveries in his main attacks.
Sidenote: HT is a “pure” blaster: I have one melee range attack — the power you have to take at level one, which is useful mostly for knocking guys away from you — and that’s it. Everything else is blasting.
I’d love to test out the new build, but Posi’s going to be crap for that — at level 15, I’ve barely got flight, conserve power doesn’t show up until level 16, so I can’t even mess with that.
Two blasts, a snipe, the knock-away punch, Build up, Aim… flight/hover… and hurdle, i think. That’s it… exactly the way he was back in the day. Should be fun.
((The irony — I used up so much money on costume changes for the HT plot, the Scorpia plot, and the Wedding, that I didn’t have time to buy the Enhancements he needs for reslotting after the respec. It was sad. That said, Positron tonight, so I should make enough to fill in the blanks.))


  1. Here is my energy/energy blasters current build at 50.
    01 : Power Thrust – 1x acc
    01 : Power Bolt – 2x acc, 3x dam, 1x rec red
    02 : Energy Torrent – 2x acc, 3x dam, 1x rec red
    04 : Power Blast – 2x acc, 3x dam, 1x rec red
    06 : Hover – 1x def buff
    08 : Sniper Blast – 2x acc, 3x dam, 1x rec red
    10 : Power Burst – 2x acc, 3x dam, 1x rec red
    12 : Swift – 1x run spd
    14 : Fly – 3x flt spd
    16 : Bone Smasher – 2x acc, 2x dam, 1x disdur, 1x rec red
    18 : Health – 1x heal
    20 : Stamina – 3x end rec
    22 : Build Up – 3x rec red
    24 : Stealth – 1x end red
    26 : Aim – 3x rec red
    28 : Explosive Blast – 2x acc, 3x dam, 1x rec red
    30 : Power Boost – 3x rec red
    32 : Nova – 2x acc, 2x dam, 2x rec red
    35 : Conserve Power – 3x rec red
    38 : Total Focus – 2x acc, 1x dam, 1x dis dur, 2x rec red
    41 : Body Armor – 3x dam res
    44 : Stun – 2x acc, 3x dis dur, 1x rec red
    47 : Power Push – 2x acc, 2x kbk dis
    49 : Recall Friend – 1x rng
    I am still something of a blapper and actually everytime I respec I end up moving my melee attacks earlier and earlier in my build.
    Going to I6, I dropped Group Fly because I never used it and picked up Stun instead. I can now on my own pretty much perma-disorient most even-con AVs. The tanker ones like Siege are a bit harder to land it on.
    Hasten got dropped for recharges in my attacks and with that pool slot free’d up in the place of Group Fly at 50 I picked up the Teleport pool and Recall Friend instead. Just more useful I think then Group Fly.
    I don’t consider the self-buffs to be crucial to my play-style so I put them off in favor of attacks earlier.
    Haven’t ++ my new stuff yet, still pondering playing with what I have in some of the powers.

  2. My bad, that should be even-level, not even-con. Some seem more status-resistant then others so your mileage may vary.

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