Week in review

Well, since I found out Justin was leaving, things have been in a bit of upheaval.
Umm… I think Keth hit 15.
Pummelcite did the Positron TF (during which I was shamefully AFK all the time due to Kaylee problems, Justin problems, and kid-sitting problems), starting at level 10 and dinging up to 14. I want him to do all the Hollows content, so that’s where I’ll be parked throughout level 14 and 15. Still no movement power on him — (a) I’m focusing so much on being able to tank for a team with the powers he’s getting that I haven’t had a slot for it, (b) I can’t decide what he should get… thinking Teleport, but I don’t know. Sidenote: Swift makes a WORLD of difference when you’ve got Rooted on… need to slot that sucker up.
… and that’s it.