1. Well, you forgot about the “Nazis” thing, too. I mean, they have *all* the bases covered (in pre-fab concrete).

  2. I can’t disagree with that at all. The Council really are so very much the standard for classical baddie stuff.
    Though honestly, I think they dressed better and everything except their largest robots (used to be Mk.II Wolfpack, don’t remember if they have the same name or not) was better decorated back when they were Nazi’s and were called the 5th Column.
    I mean, the old bleached skull over red emblem motif was just evil’er and spookier then the olive drab / green designs they have now.

  3. Yeah, I was kind of bummed when they diluted them in order to make the game more palatable to Euros.

  4. Yes, well, we can’t talk about Nazis, because, of course, that might make people become Nazis. Or something like that.
    Me? I must confess to this odd yen to turn myself into a tall, magenta, crystaline being … if only the Europeans had thought to protect me from *that* …

  5. Almost all of them.
    LongBow has an undersea base complete with Sub Pen. *Glee* So very James Bond.
    The Skyraiders have an off shore platform/base, also very James Bond.
    Lt. Chalmers missions are the bomb. ūüėÄ

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