CoH Play Review

Let’s see whats been going on in the last week eleven days…
(You’re going to see a lot of “No play or RP,” cuz I haven’t been on that much. C’esh luu vin.)

Hang Time
(Level: 50)
No play or RP.

(Level: 48)
No play or RP.

(Level: 33)
No play or RP.
Someone made up the MA/Ninja Stalker “The Tactician” as one of Strategist’s “students gone BAD”. Much fun.

(level: 30, 31, 32 ((NEW!)))
No RP, exactly. There’s stuff going on, but it’s all having sort of prep stuff for Working Girl or things of that nature. I have (obviously) been playing him a lot — but even that was more last week than this week.
Gameplay notes: Dinged 30 through 32. Picked up Conserve Power at level 30 and I LOVE IT LIKE LYLE, OMG. Baaaarely dinged 32 and picked up this power that keeps these little glowballs around me that fly out and blow up when I get near an enemy. They’re a lot more subtle than they sound. I haven’t actually had a chance to check them out in a mission, because I logged right after picking the power up and getting the level 35 enhancements and haven’t had him on since. Nigh on a week, really. Looking forward to that.

(level: 19)
No play or RP.

(Level: 22 ((New)))
No RP. Dinged 22 on him last night and got Conserve as my second “Endurance Healing” power — which had the predicted positive effects on his playability.
Now if I could just get him out of fricking Training SO’s 😛

(Level: 16)
Had a really REALLY cool deal with Lukacs and one of Jackie’s characters last weekend. Haven’t had a chance to go back and get into that more, but I was really pleased about how that went — very political and kind of conniving, but honest and refreshing, too.

Shade Dancer
(Level: 14)
No play or RP.

(Level: 12)
No play or RP.

(Level 13)
No play or RP.

Thadeus Shiver (Ice/Ice Dominator)
(Level 6)
No play or RP.

On deck… New:
Markov Chain
(Level 10: ((New)))
My new Corruptor. Technology-based Assault Rifle/Kinetics. This is the guy who will get the much coveted ‘other evil guy I play’ slot, alongside Kethos. LOVE the play of this archetype when I’m in a blastery/supporty mood, which is weird because I’ve tried out Assault Rifle before and hated it. A good character concept works wonders for an otherwise annoying Archetype, I guess.
Picking up pool powers to make him work as close to a Stalker as I can, so I can work as closely WITH a stalker as I can. 🙂
REALLY looking forward to playing this guy more.
Lucian Strange
(Level 12: ((New)))
Broadsword/Regen scrapper. Lucian coming in as the long-missing husband of another player’s character — not sure exactly what happened to him or how, just yet — I’m focusing on RPing his actual personality right now (Lucian is a Chick. Magnet. I mean, daaaamn — never seen anything like it.), and getting him leveled up to his past-future was-wife.
Gameplay Notes:
Only my second scrapper, and I went back to Super Reflexes again?!? Am I nuts? Well…
1. I know Super Reflexes: the good, the bad, and the (damn) ugly. There’s that.
2. Stan showed me how Katana Set’s “Divine Avalanche” has a nice defensive synergy with SR’s toggles, and Broadsword has the same ability in “Parry”, so I wanted to explore that.
3. Lucian kicks ass.
Only my second scrapper evah, and I am loving this toon.

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