Week in review

Another CoH Play Update, yes, however…
This week, I also sent out stuff for running a Heroquest game, and a Risus game — both in January… so… woo 🙂

Hang Time
(Level: 50)
No play or RP.

(Level: 48)
No play or RP.

(Level: 33)
No play or RP.
Still haven’t met “The Tactician” — Strategist’s “student gone BAD”.
Having a lot of trouble getting into this character’s head — I feel like I took him somewhere he was meant to go, but along a path that is strange and hard to travel for me.
Dunno. Need to think about that.

(level: 32)
No play or RP.

(level: 19)
No play or RP.

(Level: 22)
No play or RP.
What’s the influence-to-dollars exchange rate on Ebay, again? 😛

(Level: 17 18 ((new)))
No RP, but I did get to tank tank for an ArchVillain-hunting Storm Knightish group this week with some other folks who did all the actual work, and watched Kessa ding level 50. (I dinged the somewhat less exciting levels of 17 and 18.)
I like playing this guy, even though he “can’t herd as was as a rad/dark defender.”
I just like playing tanks. It’s my thing.

Shade Dancer
(Level: 14)
No play or RP. Head (and tentacles) are on the chopping block.

(Level: 12)
No play or RP.

(Level 13)
No play or RP.

Thadeus Shiver (Ice/Ice Dominator)
(Level 6)
No play or RP. I like the RP I had with Kate’s character, but at the same time I actually found him a bit easier to play as an Ice/Storm Controller. We’ll see.

Markov Chain
(Level 11 12 13 14 15 16 17: ((New)))
Obviously, I played Markov a lot. 🙂 Yes, it was farming the Christmas Present mission for xp for level 11 to 15, but it was dangerous, I put myself at risk, got ganked multiple times and generally *worked* for this PL*. Level 16 and 17 came in the Strike Force that we did on Sunday so try to tell me we didn’t work for that. Bleah.
Love this archetype. Blastery damage and some support = good stuff. He’s level 17 now and hasn’t started on the Stamina line, but honestly? Not sure he will — I might just drop one endrdx in every power he has and see how that works… 2 acc, 3 dam works for the attacks, after all.
Awesome combo with Stalkers, now that he’s got the Concealment pool. Snipe target, hide, queue Siphon Power, guy comes around the corner, Siphon Power kicks off, Stalker-partner taps Build Up and hits for obscene amounts of damage. Much fun.
Good: Every power from the AT is an attack of some kind. No forcefieldish things to renew (with one “ugly” exception).
Bad: Every power from the AT is an attack of some kind. Slotting with enhancements is EXPENSIVE.
Ugly: Increase Density — great power, stupidly short duration. Every other shieldish power in the game has a 4-minute duration; why not this?

Lucian Strange
(Level 14: ((New)))
Broadsword/Regen scrapper. Lucian is coming in as the long-missing husband of another player’s character — not sure exactly what happened to him or how, just yet — I’m focusing on RPing his actual personality right now (Lucian is a Chick. Magnet. I mean, daaaamn — never seen anything like it.), and getting him leveled up to his past-future was-wife.

Some kind of Mind/* controller for FOUND house — a reformed member of the Lost, modeled off the look of the guys who wear the football helmets and the STOP signs on their chest. Still no idea what secondary to pick, though. I actually might go with trick-arrow — I like the sort of neo-luddite, “I don’t trust any tech, after what the Rikti did to us”, feel.
Dunno. Need to delete a champion character before I can make this guy up anyway.

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