Now Testing in the Training Room – 5/08/06

Among other things:
* Glue Arrow now has a -Fly component. For real this time.
* Fixed an issue where Entangling arrow could be escaped, despite its -Fly component by jumping/flying out of it.
* Modified sprint fx to only play while running. Not Flying. Not swimming. Not jumping. Just running on the ground
* Fixed fx for Dark Regeneration power
* Fixed fx for Unyielding Stance power
* Fixed phone booths to prevent players from getting stuck inside
* Increased Dominator Melee damage modifier to 0.75 — this increases their melee damage by 6.7%
Also, a rumor out there that click on a glowy destealths you — so… you can click on the filing cabinet while invis, but searching through the thing means you can’t hide. Sucks, yes, but much more realistic than what they were going to do before.


  1. * Fixed phone booths to prevent players from getting stuck inside
    Yeah, that totally happened to Noelle. I’m not proud of it, but that’s my girl.

  2. huh…
    I have never seen one in Bloody Bay of Siren’s Call.

  3. Do one of the patrol missions — they’re the booths you have to click on for the patrols in either area.

  4. Ahh…
    Ok, I hate patrol missions, I never take them, thus never have seen the booths.

  5. But,but,if you don’t do the patrol missions, then you miss out on the uber-super-nifty, temp stealth powers… Hyper-Stealth, Combat Invis, and Hyper Phase..each a 30 minutes used power. and this Phase doesn’t kick out after 30 seconds, either. 🙂

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