Portal Smasher TF

… which sounds so much better than “that really long, level-limited, shadow shard TF.”
Okay, come hell or high water, I’m going to get the First !$#!#*@#$^-ing Shadow Shard Task Force done (it didn’t work out on the second attempt — we dropped team in order to do the Valentine’s Day Stuff).
* I tentatively have (possibly) eight people who want to do it all the way through.
* I need maybe one or two people at least level 41 to log in this THURSDAY, at 11pm EST, just to get the group to eight people so we can start it — and then you can drop team if you want.
Anyone? Bueller?
Second Edit:
For those of you who wanted to join up and continue through to the end (Sword, Dave, Margie) — please be advised that most of the work of the TF is going to take place on Sunday, not Thursday — on Thursday, we’re just getting it started and maybe doing a few of the prelim missions (would be nice to get through those miserable Rularuu missions, but whatever).
((Edited to change the start-up to Thursday.))


  1. It’s 5 — I’ve consulted with all interested parties, and all systems are go, Houston.

  2. Cool, so we just need 3 people to help us get started.
    Five’s ideal: good sized team without inflating the mob sizes.

  3. Between comments and IM’s, I have…
    * HT
    * Noelle
    * Lily Strange
    * QHQ
    * Nikodemus
    * Star Derek (starter)
    * A-margie-pha (starter)
    * Psi-Dave (starter)
    Though Dave will be steering two people, and was volunteered by his other half, so someone else wouldn’t come amiss…

  4. I actually could use the badge for this one, so if you happen to have room for either Zeph or Sword. I can have who-ever there and join the team, and then let them sit afk for an hour or so, if that is acceptable?

  5. Revised version:
    * Hang Doyce
    * Kate Frost
    * Ana Strange
    * QHQ
    * Niko-dreas
    * A-margie-pha
    * Psi-Dave
    * Sam of Asgard and/or Zepher-Sam
    * Star Derek (alternate starter)

  6. As long as it doesn’t involve me missing out on planned Mother’s Day stuff involving my darling wife, you can count me in for War Bones.

  7. I cannot do any missions or anything on Thursday. The Fantastic Five or whatever we’re calling ourselves meets at this time so I’ll be able to literally get the thing started and then need to bail.

  8. Nope and I can’t remember what he said about his schedule this week either.

  9. kay, that’s not gonna work for Q, he won’t be home til midnight PST, on Thursday… knew there was a reason I suggested Wednesday 🙂

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