Respecs either happening or on my mind of late, so that’s how I’m going to approach this CoH character recap. Not alot of story-tales here, so if you don’t speak CoH, not alot to read.

Hang Time (50)
Going to try to get through the first Shadow Shard TF again Real Soon Now. Might need some help with that. See next post. Might respec him before then to put him back a bit more to The Original version. I dropped Hasten in a previous build and it’s not… good… the way it is. At least not for me.
Hyperthermian (50)
Respecced him, keeping all the powers he had, but rearranging them a bit so that he has Stamina, Acrobatics, and his first Ice Hold by level 30, so I can screw around in Siren’s Call more effectively. Didn’t get a chance to DO that on Sunday, but I did get a chance to take him into the Arena on Sunday and held his own against a really good team. Happy about that.
Strategist (34)
Really pondering a history-rewrite on him — I mean a full-on reimaging of the character. Call it an IC-respec.
Epitaph (34 — new)
Holy hell — I actually played him, roleplayed him, got the Boomtown Saints (further) into the Coalition, and ran a task force with him.
Respecced him to pick up White Dwarf. It’s an interesting contrast to Pummelcite’s respec, where I forgot to get Taunt — Pumm is a tank who only has Punchvoke and a Damage Aura right now to manage aggro with. Conversely, John’s WD form ONLY has taunt, and not the other two tank-things.
On the whole, I’d rather have a Tank with no taunt, then Taunt and nothing else. (Both is obviously preferred.)
Still, the WD form is fun — nice fast move power — VERY nice resistances to just about EVERYTHING, **Mez Protections** (praise Malak Ta’us), half-decent aggro management for smallish groups (both of players and bad guys), and almost enough attacks to keep me busy. It works well enough.
Now I just need a good IC ‘event’ to allow him to manifest it ICly. Something where he can sort of get frustrated and need to protect everyone and his partner just steps in help in a moment of wrath.
“Don’t make me Crabby, Countess Crey; you wouldn’t like me when I’m Crabby.”
Pummelcite (25 — new)
I screwed up his respec.
Not… horribly, but the problem is that the throw-away power he got at level 24 (to be used until I could respec) was so friggin’ cool that I couldn’t bear to give it up, so instead of needing to dump one power to get a movement ability, I had to dump two.
And I dumped Taunt. Yes. Beat me now.
So anyway, I’m on a push to get to 26 and get Taunt back before Knight’s Night on Thursday. Which SUCKS, cuz I wanted to get the anti-psi-armor at 26.
Right now, I’m basically doing okay, because I still have a bite-me aura, and punchvoke, and I can ‘port around the fight to get to guys who aren’t on me, but still…
Yeah. Dumb me.
Markov Chain (22 — new)
Had a ton of fun running Markov on Sunday — running him in general. That said, Really really need to respec Markov at 24 to drop Siphon Strength and get Stamina earlier. I like all the powers he’s got, but he needs them in a better order. Also, his damage feels a little week for a blaster — seems like I should be one-shotting whites with his snipe by now, but it’s not fully slotted, and maybe I’m just remembering the pre-ED glory days with Hangtime.
Still, I figured out how to get into Stamina with little to no pain with a respec at level 24, and I’m definitely doing that.
Bear Claws (21)
Didn’t get a chance to play him much last Monday. I plan to fix that tonight.
Dolmen (15, new)
Played him Saturday morning and, despite a horrendous PuG, got to 15. Want to do the first Villain Strike Force with him veddy veddy much… once I get to 16 and his self-heal. I’m screwing him up a bit right now — he gets more aggro than the average (and they are so VERY average in a pug) CoV healers can keep up with, so he goes down too much, so I need a self-heal, and that means I can’t get Stamina at 20… or 22…
Ugh. Still. Love playing this guy.
Gavin (13, new)
Wow. Someone I don’t want to respec. What a concept.