Weekend in Review

Was a bit caught home this weekend, and with John messing with the Boomtown Saints stuff, I spent a lot of time online.

Thursday was the first Boomtown Saints get-together (though we ended up doing a little bit more on Friday? Maybe? I don’t remember.) It’s challenging getting teams going right now, simply because the level disparities are… disparate. We’re working on it. Also, I’m running into a problem with Epitaph’s build in the post-30 game — the mezz attacks are getting to be so numerous that I spend half of every fight wandering around like a drunk sorority girl looking for her date — I decided to do something about that on Saturday.
Friday: I think I got Pummelcite to 25 that night. Trying to get him to 26 before the Knight’s Night on Thursday in order to correct an egregious screw-up I made in his recent respecification. I know I did something else, but damned if I can remember what.
I know I did something online on Saturday morning, but damned if I can remember what it was. Anyway. Seems like it must have been Pummelcite. Hmm.
Saturday night, did a few missions with the Victory Scoobies. Fun stuff. Hit 13. Really want a travel power. (Which, WIERDLY, is going to be teleport, giving me THREE toons who suddenly have teleport within a week of each other — Gavin, Pummelcite, and John (in the WD form). Wacky.
Got a wild urge to start up a Pick-up Group run of the Manticore Task Force with Epitaph at 8am on Sunday morning, which is about six different kinds of challenging.
After about an hour of wrangling, got a team of six together. Needed seven to start, so begged Dave and Margie to help out (thanks, Velvet!) and, despite the tank’s cries of ‘we need a controller!’, started. ((And yah gotta appreciate the controller-love, there.))
We finished with five of the six folks still going. Halfway through, the Tank had to ditch for awhile and no idea of when he’d be back, so… mid-TF, and with the Team’s blessing, I ran John over to Galaxy and did a respecification on me, dropping the rarely-used Thermal Shield for the White Dwarf kheldian form. More on that in another post. Fake-tanked a couple missions with the form (about which, more later), then the tank came back and I went back to being damage and fringe-management. One of the two blasters took off somewhere in there (good riddance, actually), and the AV was no big deal.
I miss having people I play with regularly, having stealth-the-mission capabilities.
Which brings me to Markov Chain and Shadowslip, who ran the Seer Marino storyarc in the afternoon, an evening break, then graduating up to Sharkhead Isle for some broker-missions and a nigh-simultaneous level-22 ding. Good stuff. Really really like that pairing.
And crashed by 10 or something. G’night.