And somehow I played with Kaylee alot…

As noted here, played Kethos and Pummelcite enough over the weekend to get Keth up two levels to 29 and Pummelcite to 31.
And ran about 8 to 10 hours on a task force with Hang Time.
… and talked about another Task Force tonight with the Munchies.

Think I need to go golfing or something.
Was going to do Firefly on Friday night, but between how I was feeling and some other stuff, I wasn’t up to GMing.
I need some regular games, or some kind of regular things that lets me see the locals more.


  1. Golfing good. Um … sometime.
    Maybe getting to be time to resurrect Game Day again. God knows I don’t feel like I can get back into the GM thang at the moment, but …

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