“Kronos Sighted!”

Couldn’t agree with this poster more: I’d like to take a moment to promote the current state of giant monsters.

…and then, as my team fills out to eight and yet another group starts forming, we see the health bar on Kronos budge. And then, as the fourth team fills and a fifth starts, it starts falling in a definite manner. Cheers start to rise from those skilled enough to type and attack at the same time. Down, down, down goes the health… and then, finally, the mighty droid falls!
35 heroes, half an hour from when word went out. That was the most excitement I’ve ever had playing CoH. I’d love to do it all over again.
Mind you, none of this applies to archvillains.

I love fighting giant monsters on CoH. LOVE it. I loved the Winterlord event not for the xp (I limited myself to one fight a day), but for the BIG GIANT MONSTER TO FIGHT! The change to GM’s has been great fun, a zone-assembling event (it took three teams to take out Deathsurge in Cap au Diablo this weekend, but Dolmen was the leader of Team One), and I like that, a LOT.
AVs? Hell, I don’t think the change itself is a bad one… if the AVs were built to a STANDARD, but they aren’t, which makes some of them impossible to beat with an 8-person team which, at least on a task force, is all yah got.
For example: did the first Villain Strike force… rolled it… got to Infernal — he’s unbeatable.
Synapse Task Force: you can get help on Babbage… but the Clockwork King… with the AV patch in, he’s not beatable right now.
Some AVs are… some aren’t… no standards.