Multiplayer game designer Raph Koster offers some observations on the Lifecycles of a Gamer:

In many ways, we are all heading for a Socialization Destination. Everyone gets bored of a given virtual world. They then hang out there only because it’s where their friends are. The games in these worlds are like the beer at a bar, the rides at a carnival. They are diversions, and the point for most ends up being the other people.

Something I’ve heard over and over: “if it weren’t for the people, I’d have left this game by now.”
Which is why I’m more interested in organizing regular group activities these days, I suppose: it’s things like Monday Munchies and regular task forces and events that pull together all the people I really like playing with that, for whatever of a 100 different reasons, I don’t get to see in game with the same regularity as in the past.

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  1. Agreed. I’m glad you are less sucky at actually doing some of that org work (a lot of that org work) than I am. I’m fortunate enough to have some persistent duoing to have the social fun — but I do enjoy the multi-player play.

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