Not Impossible. Not completely.

Someone beat the Lord Recluse Strike Force.
Yeah, the one with Four level 50 heroes all standing together.
Yeah, the one with Five MORE level 51 heroes all standing in the same room.
Yeah, the one with EIGHT level 54 heroes all standing together in the same room, including every major name in the Freedom Phanlanx.
The cunning plan for taking on that final pack of the Earth’s Paragon’s Mightest Heroes?

Rush in and beat the living crap out of them.
Yes. That’s it: Do unto them metric assloads of damage.


  1. Hmm. What’s the difference between a ‘metric’, ‘standard’ and ‘nautical’ assload of damage?

  2. Metric’s generally easier to convert to deci- and centiassloads for accounting purposes later, so I use it for any actual whuppage recording I have to do, but of course I’m an American Boy, so in my head I still think in ‘standard’ assloads and just remember that the metric assload is a tiny bit smaller.
    Or… larger? I can never remember.

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