And… Action!

As I already mentioned, we played some Primetime Adventures this weekend — this was the first episode after the series premiere of our “Weird War Two” show — and ***Dave has once again done fantastic work in putting together a great game log of Strange Allies, Episode 1, “Djinn”.
This was a revelatory session for me as a PTA producer — somewhere in there, I went from “okay, I think we’re at a conflict” to realizing “Oh, THIS is how you play Bangs in this game. WOW!”
Great stuff.
My only coulda-shoulda for the session is that I should have suggested that the climatic scene conflicts for Margie and Randy should have been more about their characters’ issues, but that’s a relatively minor thing.


  1. We were ALL about character issues in our conflicts for last episode — probably too much — and this time not quite enough, so I think of it as a zeroing in process.
    The session ended with at least a half-hour of us babbling about all the cool stuff in the session, the cool stuff in the rules, how we were really figuring it out, and just general “Gosh that was GOOD!” talk. Very very gratifying.

  2. I am enjoying “watching” the show from this vantage a whole heck of a lot.

  3. Hey Meera, are the notes within the game log about the Conflicts (the conflict is X, we drew these cards, and this is who won) helpful at all? Useful? Somewhat interesting?

  4. 1. Yeah, I felt a lot more comfortable with the system this time out. Enough so that I’m feeling a lot more comfortable about the next Gaslight ep.
    2. I think we were fading a bit by the end. The climactic battle was big and epic, but a scosh action-sans-character. Margie never did her Hunt or hit her home set — nobody did the latter, in fact (and that was dumb, because somewhere in there, Roger should have seen his face in a plane window or something, scowled, and said, “What the hell are *you* looking at?”). And the wrap-up had a few good bit, but nothing gut-wrenching.
    On the other hand, it was a 2/2/1 screen presence ep. I expect to see Big Time Marie Plotty Angst next time out.
    3. I’m glad all are enjoying the game logs. Took me about … hrm … yeah, *that’s* what I ended up doing between about 9a and 3p Saturday. 🙂 Of course, a lot of that was looking up pics and links in Wikipedia.
    4. I’m more than willing to be more, or less, or more evenly detailed in the “game mechanics” bits. I wrote down a lot more detail than I used.

  5. I could argue that both Augustus and Marie did get some SP-2 appropriate licks in at their issues in the climax.
    Augustus got to strike back at his uncle and his uncle’s types, and his past, by taking down Verducci. And by doing so in a particularly brutal fashion, it works even better.
    Marie, on the other hand, got caught out pretty badly with the whole hand-licking-off thing, not to mention going all Tasmanian Devil on the djinn. That might put a kink in Roger’s attitude toward her, regardless.

  6. The specifics (“2 of Hearts”) aren’t interesting, but who won, and if someone else contributed one way or another, (“X threw in a card because he wanted to see Y’s demise”) are useful.

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