Man, I am loving Primetime Adventures

So I’ve run two sessions of PTA now (the Pilot and now Episode One of “Strange Allies”: fighting the arcane plots of the Reich in WW2), and played in one.
Really, REALLY feel like we’re getting the hang of this system.
– Don’t say “okay, I think this is a conflict, the NPC wants this, you want that.” Think to yourself, ‘the NPC wants this’ and then have them DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, right in the character’s face, and say “Okay, given that situation, what do you want, player?” In other words, SHOW, don’t TELL. Awesome.
– Cut to the next cool thing, drop the scenes that you wouldn’t show in a TV show. This might be the best ‘rule of thumb’ to apply to really help you cut to the important stuff in a game.
– You can always squeeze the scenes harder. πŸ™‚
Great parallels between Randy and Margie’s character’s storylines: rejected loves, dangerous beasts within, facing off against things that each represented the worst of what they might become…
… and poor Dave, the one human anchor point in this mad little storm.
I prepped three lines of text before the game, and we made a TV episode out of it, with demonic djinn and fascist Italian sorcerers and “I love yous” and marriage proposals in Paris and…
I’m very very pleased with how we’re figuring this game out. It’s like all the tough choices of Sorcerer, but playing characters you actually like. πŸ™‚

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