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Random MMO Bits – the tasty new cereal

  • People call bad hunters Huntards. I didn’t understand why until yesterday, playing with my paladin. One guy who didn’t understand that Hunter = easily sustained, ranged DPS. What part of “I am a marksman spec.” didn’t you understand when the words came out of your mouth, moron? Another one who was outdamaged, easily, by the group’s main HEALER. My god.

  • I am a good player. Doesn’t matter the class, though I enjoy some more than others; I’m a good player. Sometimes, being a good player means recognizing that you SUCK a specific roles.
  • Be aware that while you suck at a particular role, if you are a good player, you might still be a better than 90% of the other people out there, trying to do the same thing. I am a bad healer, compared to the other good healers I know. I’m still better than most people, just because I use my brain.
  • I love playing Hunters. Blaster Damage, plus Tanking with the pet, and if you want to get really fancy, even some crowd control powers. It’s like getting to play with Hangtime and Pummelcite at the same time. You can go all brainless and automatic and do just fine, or you can really push yourself and try to do all those things at once. I like having that dial. I like that they aren’t always easy and aren’t always hard.
  • I like PvP in WoW much more than I should. So fun. Ironically, I love taking out paladins with my hunter, and vice versa. *I KNOW YOUR WEAKNESSES, SUCKER!* Ahem.
  • Yes, ignore my pet and chase me down to kill me. Oh you died juuuust before you got me? That’s a shame. 🙂
  • In exactly the same battleground PvP that dinged me to level 60, I got the last three honor chits I needed for an elite mount from the PvP battlemaster. Unfortunately, I don’t have have the gold I need to train up my riding skil. I’m not even close. I had some saved up, then I needed to upgrade my skills (CoHers: upgrade my enhancements), and now I’m back where I started.
  • My character in the It Came from the Blog guild is a tauren (minotaur-like) guy with one horn cut down, and one normal length. His tribe calls him “Leansright.”
  • I’m totally playing another hunter later — there are more builds I want to do — totally different kinds of characters, like the difference between Energy/Energy versus Cold/Cold blasters.
  • Grezzk is now level 60 and moving to the world of Outland for the last 10 levels to 70. In his trek to 60, he hit maybe half the content for Horde-side characters. There are (many) whole zones that I barely did more than ride through on my way somewhere else — areas whose stories I never got to see. That’s a whole ‘nother toon I can run through to 70 without feeling like a repeat. And two more on the Alliance side, as well. And all the stuff to do AFTER you hit 70. This is good.
  • Pummelcite: need him level 35 before CoH’s issue 10. Ditto Epitaph, though it’s harder to get excited by him — ugh. 😛 Strat is ready. Bear and Ginger would be FUNNY in there, fighting off alien monkeys.
  • I like CoH’s melee combat better. Easier to see everything going on, because characters can’t stand inside other characters, like they can in WoW. Fights are just cleaner and clearer.
  • Working on crowd control in WoW makes me better at playing my controller in CoH… or Hype, or anyone with even a hint of crowd control, because CoH CC is SO MUCH BETTER than WoW CC that a controller feels like easy mode. The best CC’s in WoW are those that will be broken by damage done to the target (ie: sleep effects in CoH — the ‘worst’ mezzes in the game). Those CoH sleeps last AGES though, if you can keep them from being broken… And WoW people spend a LOT of time working on how to lay those down without immediately breaking them. Hmm…
  • I like WoW’s depth of content better. I like leveling about three times faster. Much more gratification from less time spent online overall.