When you know the indie designers are doing something right

“Story Game” (400 page, hard-bound, beautiful, hard-crunch, sci-fi blaster, smacking) Burning Empires won Origins’ RPG of the year award, beating out Exalted, 2nd Edition and the new RuneQuest.
There is a vanishingly small difference between a mainstream RPGs and indie productions in terms of print quality (since most use Indie Press, Lulu, or another POD), and has been evident in the last couple years, no difference at all in quality of design.

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  1. Wow!
    Burning Wheel was and is interesting, but I haven’t done more than peruse Burning Empires in the Friendly Local Gaming Store.
    You’re right, Doyce, the difference between mainstream and indie offerings are becoming smaller and smaller, to the point of reaching a vanishing point.

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