A few random thoughts

* No, no tabletop gaming thoughts at the moment. I’d have to be doing some of that to have any. (Or, if not, I’d be having a lot of Lonely Fun thinking about games I’d like to run but can’t. Thanks, but no: been there, done that.) Downsides there may be, but an MMO is (almost) always available for a game at the same time you are.
* There are… nine end-game ‘dungeons’ in WoW, two of which have been added since the expansion came out. My guild is working on the 7th. We’d like to hit the 8th before the new expansion comes out. Not likely.
* On the last two boss fights, I hit Sunwell (final dungeon)-level single-target DPS with Grezzk. Support for me swapping my ‘main’ from Grezzk to my barely-geared healing druid is… fading.
* You don’t get to know people in 25 man raids. To really get to know them, you need to run (and re-run) five-person and 10-person runs with folks — where you are the only person doing your job, and they are the only person doing THEIR job… it’s more personal. I’ve never gotten a chance to really run the smaller dungeons with my guild, having joined after my last guild melted, and it changes the dynamics of the game – I’m acquainted with these guys, like people at my job, and they’re cool, but they aren’t my friends; not the way that Dismember or Yodi or Izmut were — or Mal or Sam or 76 were — or even Crystal and Staer.
* I’m looking forward to Wrath of the Lich King (Rash of the Itch King) coming out, because we’ll all be leveling together and back to running 5 and 10-person dungeons again. I might get a chance to actually get to know the guys in my guild.
* Hopefully, I’ll still like em when I do.