ScreenShot00137.jpgThere’s Tiranor and Geiri, deep in the frozen lands of Forochel, about 30 seconds before we both hit level 50 (the current level-cap in Lord of the Rings online).
I don’t know if there’s a way to see the total amount of time /played on a character from within Lord of the Rings, but I don’t think it was a whole heck of a lot; it’s been a long time since we started playing them, but our play time has been VERY off-and-on since we started, and almost every serious bout of playing resulted in a flurry of leveling and advancing. To illustrate the ease of progression, Kate is now playing a solo minstrel and TEARING through content that took us several months to get through, since we simply weren’t playing as often.
So what’s next? Well, once you hit 50, there are a number (and that number is about six) of Legendary quests for each character class, so we each have our work cut out for us to go from a ‘baby’ 50 to a ‘real’ 50.
Also, there are fourteen ‘books’ of epic story in LotRO, and we’re currently on… Book Seven? Books 8 through 14 are all geared for level 50s, so we have a LOT to do and experience there before the Mines of Moria expansion comes out later this year.
… and I need to improve my crafting of Rings of Power! useful trinkets and magical jewelry. Diamonds and Beryls and Ancient Silver, oh my…
And I have some fishing to do… what?
And… yeah, I’ve got two (if not three) other characters I’d like to level up. Tyelaf my hunter (and the first actual character I made), my Captain, Finnras… and man I tell you what… Kate’s Minstrel sure looks cool…
She needs some help leveling, though… that girl has to “retreat” a LOT.