So What can Two People do in a Moria six-man?

… pretty much anything they want.

(Click for bigger.)

A few notes:

  1. No, this wasn’t challenge mode. We certainly didn’t have the DPS for that. There’s a way to snag the devoted without doing the challenge if you’re super careful and moderately crazy.
  2. No one can tell me Overpower-mode guardian’s can’t tank six-mans. I mean… come on.
  3. Statement number 2 is all thanks to Tira.
  4. The trash pulls were MUCH tougher than the boss fights. They would have been easier (but taken a lot longer) in sword and board.
  5. We didn’t kill Igash. We didn’t start the instance until pretty late, and it was midnight before we got to his area — the three healer, two melee pull right before him was crazy, and we decided not to figure it out, as we got what we came for already anyway.

All that, and I realized Geiri didn’t need to kill the Devoted anymore, anyway. Tira did, though — she finished four quests. (And I finished a couple slayer deeds. 🙂

Anyway: for 65s, I think it’s fair to say that most of the Moria six-mans are more like 3-mans. Anyone still need to get spiny flesh in Skumfil?