Roleplaying with your kids

Prydain, the Hobbit, Pendragon…
Good stuff. Personally, I’ve been angling to do some Paladin and/or Dead Inside with Justin, but I might do some stuff with Universalis, the Pool, or Donjon as well, just to stretch his imagination a bit.
That said, the quick little thing the guy writes up for his kids struck me as pretty playable as well. See it in all its scribbled glory at the Adventures of the Good Knights (and Other Stories).
This is the same guy that wrote Kill Puppies for Satan — which is definitely a different sort of game πŸ™‚


The sweetest phrase I’ve typed in awhile: This is a Z entry in the Lexicon Of The Second Age. πŸ™‚
I want to publically thank Jere for the opportunity to work/play on this game/project; it opened my mind to a world of possibility in the Lexicon format, to Wikis in general (I didn’t have any when the Lexicon started — now I have two), and to Nobilis. Also, it exposed me to some great writing from other folks that really made me stretch my mind to match. It has been great.
It has also been hard. We started the “A” entries right around Christmas and just wrapped the “Z”‘s… well, technically it was supposed to be yesterday, but it was today for me.
Still, I may not have always been on time, but I never missed a letter: my personal list of contributions are here, or you can just look at this list:

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So, for my second to the last entry on the Lexicon of the Second Age game, I was digging up brainfood by (don’t make me explain it) Googling “monastic order of” silly.
First hit? Brin’s discussion of Lucas’ main mistakes on Return of Jedi forward.

Hamlet, the Masquerade

Rather, Hitherby Dragons: Hamlet 2: The Arrows of Fate

“Eat of onions, but by no means garlic. Those slaves you have enthralled, and found to serve, bind them to your soul with hoops of steel; but do not hasten to enthrall each girl you meet. Beware the werewolves, and do not fight, but remember, if you must, that they as well fear thee. Taste every maiden’s blood, but give your blood to few; dress to impress, but not with glitzy fashions that in five years shall pall–for the fashions of the day are the zoot suits and stirrup pants of tomorrow, and the reputation that you lose for goldfish shoes is not easily regained upon the morrow. Neither a borrower nor a lender be, but borrow sunscreen if you must; and this above all: do not let Hamlet know the truth, for he has slain vampires more cunning and more terrible than thou.”


Perverse Access Memory: WISH 83: My Character’s Motto

What are your characters? mottoes, in ten words or less? Quotes and formal mottoes encouraged.

Japteth: Harm Not the Dead.
 &nbsp(Unofficial: You die, you’re mine.)
Dylan: Everyone has secrets.
 &nbsp(Unofficial: Sometimes, you wing it.)
Bob: Never trust Jedi.
Gwydion: In Her Majesty’s Name.
Hmm… I should have more characters, so I can have more mottos.

In summation

Perverse Access Memory: WISH 82: Three Word Summary

Sum up one or more games that you GM or play in 10 words or less. (Three is best, but not everybody is that pithy.) Don’t restrict yourself to current games if you have great ones in the past.

Starting with current and working backwards:
Chrysalis A: Creating Party Central
Chrysalis C: Excrucian Target Practice
Necropolis: God! You people…
Spycraft: Jess’ gonna kill me.
DCM (DnD): Everyone roll initiative.
OA: Grandpa’s damn Quest
Prince of Alderaan (Star Wars): Roll Sense Motive
TiHE: Don’t trust Unicorns


The makers of the Historic Tale Construction Kit have taken various bits of art and lettering from the Bayeux Tapestry and loaded them into a web-based application that lets you use the elements to create your own story. No, really.
I want to use the to retell the Miami Breakthrough or something πŸ™‚


In an effort to knock the creative rust off my brain, I’m participating in the creation of the OceanOfStoriesWiki – Lexicon Of The Second Age… sort of collaborative encyclopedia for Nobilis’ second age. Here’s hoping we get through the alphabet.
I like this wiki-tool-thing: could be terribly useful for certain kinds of sites/material. I’ve actually downloaded the stuff to support the same sort of thing that Lexicon is using, and am pondering doing something with it to categorize Firefly material (both RPG-related and Fanboy).
Setting up a wiki’s not as easy as setting up that calendar app, unfortunately.

The technology of game scheduling

Thanks to Dave noticing that, once again, Hosting Matters provides both top-notch support and the coolest toys, I’ve been able to (quickly and easily) install Web Calendar for use as an online, interactive Game Calendar, with reminders and participants and the whole nine yards.
VERY, VERY cool.
The default page shows all the events that have been marked as Public Access, which lets us show all the games and conflicts coming up. Dave and I are sweating the admin details, basically.
The only weird thing about “Public” view is that it shows all the timed events in the timezone of the server machine, which is 4 hours later than Colorado time. (If you’re someone who can log in, you can set your preferences to ‘subtract 4 hours from server time’ to display all the times correctly.)
Anyway, the calendar’s open to most anyone to see, and any you actual gaming participants (you know who you are) actually have sign-ins that you can use to go in to your personal calendar view, where only the events you’re involved in will display.
Actually, come to that, if you have a login (which any game participants do), you can actually use this as a planning calendar for yourself that you can access from anywhere there’s internet access — you’re certainly welcome to do so, if only to note times you’ll be out of town — only the events you make ‘Public Access’ will show up in the ‘Public’ calendar.

Precious goodness

R. Sean Borstrom at Hitherby Dragons explains the dancing pope army:

The Vatican forces will also clean your floors. They’re a dancing Pope army *and* a floor wax. This makes them practically unstoppable.

She really is a genius. I’m a bit awed.
Also, check out the “One of these days” entry.

Oh, funny story about chest-bursting aliens. Once upon a time, there were the twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rooster (but not Hen, since girls are a different animal), Rabbit, Monkey, Dragon, Horse, Hopping Vampire, Snake, Goat, and Alien…


The 20′ By 20′ Room

Roleplaying games are really interesting.

From that sentence, all else flows. Roleplaying games are interesting, and interesting things are worth talking about. One way to talk about things is via this probably over-hyped new technology known as the weblog.


After this post, this page will ping as

Book Sale

Okay, I’ve added more stuff to my “sell” list. The complete list of game books is below:
[Normally I wouldn’t list the prices I’m asking, but some folks said they wanted first dibs, so if you’re reading this and you want something listed below, email me and I’ll take it off Amazon and send it to you some other way. You get the ‘blog reader’ discount of the 15% I’d have given to Amazon anyway :)]

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Spring Summer Fall cleaning

I’ve been dumping some of my unused RPG books on Amazon in the last week or so.
I’ve still got Creature Collection, Relics & Rituals, Hunter: The Reckoning, Revised Core Rulebook (Star Wars), and The Transporter DVD out there, but things have moved off the shelf pretty well, which I’m pleased about: I’ve sent off copies of Mage, d6 Star Wars 2nd Edition, Deadlands, and Kingdoms of Kalamar to (presumably) happy buyers. Silver Age Sentinels d20 is heading out the door today.
Next up on the block? There’s more than a few video tapes and DVDs I’m interested in getting rid of (here’s a clue: I’ve had Good Morning Vietnam for five years and it’s still in the shrinkwrap), and a few more game books that are crying out for new owners (Aberrant, Tales of the Jedi, Deadlands: Quick and the Dead, et cetera) — I need to take a notebook down to the bookshelves and make a serious list.
I’m never going to get those eight shelves (two columns of four) reduced to merely four, but at least I won’t have 30 books down there that I read once and never used.
Somebody else will πŸ™‚

I will be very unhappy if this delays the movie release

So White Wolf is suing Sony for copyright infringement re: Underworld and Vampire: the Masquerade.

… alleging 17 counts of copyright infringement for the film Underworld, set for release on September 19. White Wolf alleges that Underworld characters, theme and setting are based on White Wolf’s award winning games Vampire: The Masquerade? and Werewolf: The Apocalypse™, both set in White Wolf’s fictional World of Darkness?.
Plaintiffs claim over 60 points of unique similarity between Underworld and their work. “Ours is a huge fictional world, supported by over 200 volumes of fictional material,” asserts Mike Tinney, White Wolf’s President.

Well, yeah… I imagine that when you rip of use material from EVERY VAMPIRE AND WEREWOLF TROPE ever introduced in any medium and mash it into 200 fucking books over the course of the last decade, most folks won’t be able to swing an undead cat without hitting something you’ve already ripped off for your own purposes.
One of the “copyright infringements” from the PDF copy of the legal claim:

‘In WoD, vampires sometimes call each other “Vee,” short for vampire. In Underworld, there is a vampire character named Vee.

One sweatshop writer working for movie studios wrote a ‘love story between a vamp and were’ that came off as being very much like a similar story idea written by a sweatshop writer working for a game company? I’m shocked.
Shocked, I tell you.


One of the nice things about the Blogging internet is that you can post a rant stating that gamers are misanthropic, maladjusted blights on society (giving about a half-dozen examples to support the idea that all gamers are pariahs) and that you swearing off gaming entirely…
…get soundly lambasted by everyone who replies to the post, including your friend, whose fiance was one of the folks you listed (nice) as well as a very happy player in that same fellow’s campaigns…
…and remove the post as though it never happened by Dawn’s Early Light. We’ll call it Retroactive History Engineering.
So I’ll say this in response to the-post-that-never-was: You’re wrong. I don’t know where you live, Guy, but wherever it is you aren’t looking hard enough. I know more good gamers than I know what to do with, and among ‘regulars’ we’ve got 3 kids, two of whom are preschoolers, so no blaming it on the bambinos and how they cut into and how I wouldn’t understand that.

Banana Dacquiri?

Some great notes on pulp adventure campaign that the GM has just started up. Great fun.

I’ve gone into some detail here, because, well, I’m dead proud of it, and because I’ve not done such extreme scene-framing before. The whole of the early section was a way of saying “This is the sort of bizarre world you live in – it’s got zeppelins, pyramids in London, an undead queen, and you’re all best friends with a talking gorilla”. It worked really well, and set an appropriate tone.

Really nice stuff. Not the sort of thing we’re doing with Pulp Adventures, but very very cool.


Saw the trailer for Underworld tonight when we went to S.W.A.T.
I’d been using pictures of Kate Beckinsdale for Jackie’s high-Aspect character in Nobilis. After seeing the trailer, Jackie could only grin and nod her head approvingly. I’d say I picked well.
Movie looks cool, too.

“Sacajaweavich, you’re on overwatch!”

Some nostalgic chatting via email about playing SpaceHulk back in college led me to find this: QSpaceHulk : the total conversion of the Space Hulk boardgame:

Space Hulk is a great board game of Games Workshop in the world of Warhammer 40000. This is a two player turn-based game where one play the ‘Marine’, the other play the alien called ‘Genestealer’.
This video game is a complete conversion of the board game with the 2nd edition rules. Well, I know there is some fans discussion to know whether the 1st or the 2nd edition of the rules is the better. For my part, I only played the 2nd edition, that’s the edition this game is based on.
The project is aiming at providing a way to play SpaceHulk on your computer exactly as you could do it with the real board version but with some extra : you can play via network (no need to have two players in the same room) synchronized or asynchronized (via e-mail), and you will even be able to play solo against an artificial intelligent opponent. Currently, only HotSeat and Play-By-Email mode game are implemented. You can see some screenshots or download it.

I always thought this would be a completely do-able game via some sort of turn-based email interface. Looks like I’m right. I LOVE being right.
MAN I can hardly wait to get home and try this thing out.
Update: There’s apparently also a Visual Basic-based Space Hulk SP (Single Player)


Ran Pulp Adventures at BenCon this weekend and coincidentally, Girls Are Pretty reports that Sunday was 1920’s Day:

The 1920’s lasted for ten years, early in the 20th century. They took place not long after World War I, but long enough before World War II for no one to be very worried about it. At the end of the 1920’s, the Great Depression began, creating a period of time that was known throughout the world as “The Time America Sucked.”
The 1920’s are never going to happen again, so today is the day to be glad that you don’t have to wait in line for free soup, and it’s the day to be sad that World War II already happened instead of it not having happened yet.
Happy The 1920’s Day!

Very Interesting…

Two Fisted Tales a role playing game of pulp action by Matthew Stevens inspired by the pulp fiction of the 30s and 40s. Twenty-one character templates let you recreate your favorite pulp icon, or easy-to-use character customization rules give you the freedom to create your own original hero. The full download, available in mid-June, includes a 120 page PDF formatted for print, a 166 page PDF intended for easy reading on your screen, the character sheet, a page of useful tables, and the full-color cover. A preview is available now to let you “flip the pages.” Check it out at Spectre Press.

(via ***Dave-mail)

What games would Nobles play?
How about this one: the HipBone Games, with many variants.
Looks like fun, and definitely something I’m going to try with Justin.

The Ultimate Roleplaying Purity Quiz was reasonably fun, but I like the commentary best:

As humans, we’ve evolved so that we can create all sorts of beautiful things – the Mona Lisa, Citizen Kane, Allyson Hannigan – but deep down, buried in our medulla oblongata, there’s a reptilian brain that only wants to kill and eat people. Likewise, roleplaying has changed over the years to include politics and emotional exchanges – but never forget that in the beginning, it was all about the ass-kicking.

Amen, brother, amen.
My scores are below, and holy CRAP some of them are low.

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Dicey Situations

Strong Probability: the RPGA guys ran a poll on common dice superstitions. Sorta funny. I know at least one person that does each one of these things.
There isn’t any entry for Jackie’s hitch, though — she won’t let the GM touch her dice while she’s playing. In my case, that means I can’t touch them even if we’re on the way to a game that I’m going to run — I’m ‘already the GM’ at that point. GM’s touching the dice corrupts ‘mission’ of the dice and they roll well only from the GM’s perspective at that point. Any corrupted dice must immediately be removed from the table and, when stored, have to be quarantined from the others.
Conversely, if we’re both players at a table, I can use them all they like.

Powered by Quest Maps

Hoom! Maps and Walking Directions
Starting from: Bag End, Hobbiton, The Shire
Arriving at: The Cracks of Doom, Mordor

When using any walking directions or map, it is a good idea to stop at an inn or hostelry and inquire about news from abroad. Find out whether any wars are brewing, and if so, whether agents of the enemy are pursuing you. This is only an aid in planning. Your eventual route and mileage may vary.

Funny stuff, via Randy.


Updated the Nobilis page, most notably with pages for all four of the characters, including pix.
Did a fun little thing with MT so that you can leave comments directly on the character’s pages.

*sniff* ahhh the good old days

That’s Right…
we’re about to go old school on you!

In general, the concept and imagination involved is stunning. However, much more work, refinement, and especially regulation and simplification in necessary before the game in managable. The scope is just too grand, while the referee is expected to do too much in relation to the players. If you need ideas to help you along in your own fantasy adventure games, these booklets will be of use; otherwise your ten dollars will be wasted. I do not suggest these to the average wargamer.

via Boing Boing

What are your Stats

A happy little quiz that will give you Your D & D Stats!
A little Warning. at least 2 annoying pop-ups upon entry.
Mine for all of you curious types out there
STR – 8
DEX – 11
INT – 13
CON – 12
WIS – 10
CHA – 9
So I guess I’m a really bad Wizard…
P.S. No cheating Clovis…

“The Balrog takes 7d6 falling damage…”

Two Towers: LotR as a D&D game, and tons of other stuff.

GM: Failed your climb check, huh? You slip and plummet.
PC1: Cool!
PC2: Cool? Dude, you’re falling to your death! Now we have to finish this stupid quest without your mage.
PC1 (ignoring PC2): Can I see my sword?
DM: Err… sure!
PC1: Okay, I want to fall down and grab my sword from mid-air.
PC2: What the hell? You dropped that like two rounds ago when you failed your balance check, then you wasted another round calling me a “fool” in character.
PC1: So?
PC2: You know how far something falls in three rounds?
DM (ignoring PC2): Okay, you’ve got it! Glamdring slides into your hand. You see the balrog falling below you.
PC2: But balrogs have wings! It says so right in the MM!
PC1 (ignoring PC2): Cool! I want to go attack the balrog!
PC2: You WHAT? Are you stoopid?
DM: You… umm, okay. Roll to hit.
PC2: What? No AoO?
PC1: A critical! I hang on to him and keep hitting him on the way down. Whack! (to PC2) This is going to be MY kill, baby. All those lovely, glorious XPs for a balrog, mine alone.
DM: (rolls a critical for the balrog that would kill PC1, panics, ignores dice) It missed you! Roll to hit again.
PC1: YEAH! You’re going down, servant of Melkor!
PC2: This is stupid. I’m going to go get some Mountain Dew.

Fun stuff (via Randy).

Interesting stuff

As of 30th November 2002, Hogshead Publishing Ltd is leaving the adventure-gaming industry.

Please note that the company is not going bankrupt. It is refreshingly solvent. However we are bored, creatively frustrated, and increasingly despondent about the future of the specialist games industry. After our successes in 2002, particularly the mould-breaking and critically acclaimed games Nobilis and De Profundis, we think we’ve gone as far as we can, and this seems a suitable high-point on which to call it a day.

Nobilis has moved to Guardians of Order, and will be available from them with immediate effect. The English-language licence for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay has handed back to Games Workshop. SLA Industries is back under the control of Nightfall Games.

All the future products Hogshead has announced products are cancelled. The only exceptions to this are the Nobilis line, which will now appear from Guardians of Order, and the full-length Warhammer FRP adventure, Fear the Worst, by Michael Mearls, which we will be making available within a day or two as a free PDF download from our website, as a farewell-and-thank-you present to all our players and fans.

Shame — I’d hoped to check them out when I went through London in February.
Very interesting that Nobilis went to GoO, since McKinnon was/is heavily involved in another diceless game for a long time. Sorta makes sense. Nobilis fans should be encouraged.

“I cast magic missle. I attack the DARKNESS.”

Ahh, the paranoid religious tracts of Mr. Chick. I remember seeing Dark Dungeons in the ‘reading rack’ in the entryway of our church when I was a kid.
Those were the days…
Go ahead, click on the link… it’s like that DnD comedy skit that everyone’s got as a .wav file on their computers, except it’s not really funny.

(via Jon)

Pigskin Picks

My roster for the Weblogger Fantasy Football League:

Favre, Brett (QB-GB)
Horn, Joe (WR-NO)
Rice, Jerry (WR-Oak)
Green, Ahman (RB-GB)
Williams, Ricky (RB-Mia)
Gardner, Rod (WR-Was)
Bench McNair, Steve (QB-Ten)
Pittman, Michael (RB-TB)
Price, Peerless (WR-Buf)
Walls, Wesley (TE-Car)

Conclusion: Eh.
I like many of these players, but most aren’t on teams I (can) watch most of the time, so it’s hard to get into it. I’m pleased about Michael Pittman, because I think he’s a good match for Gruden, and Joe Horn was good for my last season. Jerry Rice, Ahman Green and Brett Favre are going to be my best chances to ‘watch’ my team, given my location, and I like those guys, so I guess it’s all good.
Given the number of times I trade players during a season, it’s not like any of this is written in stone anyway.
I missed my kickers and Defense:

Elam, Jason (K-Den)
Vinatieri, Adam (K-NE)

Very cool. I like Elam a lot, and he’s my only home-town boy. Overall, I’ve got 4 of the 25 top-ranked players going into the season. We’ll see.

Cleveland (DEF-Cle)
New York (DEF-NYJ)

On the other hand, I really don’t know what to think about these two. Ugh.
(Then again, since I did no prep, no research, and let Yahoo auto-pick my team for me, it’s not like I can really bitch. What I really need to do is sit down with Jackie and see what she thinks of the team and the players that are still available. I see some names I like in the free agents list, but she knows some of the guys I’ve got better than I do.)

Imperial Scarecrow Fury!

Via Dave, the Verbal Kung-Fu Generator, providing five new Kung-Fu Moves every 15 minutues!

shaolin mustard-seed slash
stunning patriarch penetration
deceptive river spirit
lethal lightning cut
mad hummingbird fright
kiss of the ghost technique
mongolian butterfly blow

Blogathon 2002

I’ve put up my Blogathon information on a page of it’s own, and I encourage everyone to check out the Blogathon site (linked to off the info page). Even if you don’t want to sponsor me, sponsor someone πŸ™‚

*mumble grumble*

It’s really really annoying to work out a bunch of stuff about how Bail Antilles and Bail Organa are the same person, when Lucas is piping stuff like this out through Holonet News.

New stuff on the Revised Rulebook

Details on the changes to ALL the classes, new skills, new feats, new Equipment — as much info as I have right now is here.
(In psuedo-related news, the Living Force guys have said that the Revised Rules will become official for that campaign the day after GenCon.)

Glimpse the Future

Excerpt from an advance review of the Revised Core Rulebook
Moving into the classes section, we see some of the largest and most fundamental changes to the game thus far. No class has gone untouched, and most of the changes seem to be for the better. Some abilities simply were renamed so they made more sense and were consistent with what was elsewhere in the books, while some abilities were radically altered or even removed/replaced. In some cases, these changes are for the better. The Fringer has become a much more attractive class, thanks to the addition of some bonus feats and more frequent and earlier-attained bonus class skills. Others, however, remain to be seen; the Scoundrel has lost the Sneak Attack class feature, and some of the Defense scores have been lowered by 1-2 points (though the Soldier’s has gone up), putting every class on a very level playing field. One of the most significant and pleasing aspects of the new Force classes is that they get to choose which Force feat (Control, Sense, or Alter) they get as a bonus feat at early levels, meaning more customization for the Jedi. And, of course, the addition of the Tech Specialist class is a major change. Very skill-oriented, the class features of the Tech Specialist include the ability to make Masterwork items, bonuses when performing research, and other non-combat, technically oriented abilities.
Interesting stuff.

Techie Tricks

Dave has used MT (and mad design skillz πŸ™‚ to come up with a great page for a character he’s running for the Ill Met in Amber PBeM. Truly Excellent.
I wish I was playing in a game, so I could do something this cool.
Oh, wait. There’s DAVE’S game. And RANDY’S game (except I sort of already have a page for that).

*wanders off to design a comic-book-style blog.*


WotC has released some new infor from the revised edition of the rulebook that coming out in a few months. I’ve ‘implemented’ a few of these changes on the Star Wars pages. Here’s the highlights:
In the House Rules section, details on how Armor is going to work — it’s damage reduction now, doesn’t interfere with Class Bonuses to Defense, and seems to work fine against criticals.
The Scoundrel has been revised, and those of you with levels in this class should update their characters to reflect this version. Of note is the change from “Sneak Attack” to “Precise Attack”, which is a nice because it ‘kicks in’ sooner. They’ve added a Gambling skill (I imagine you could use this instead of a profession check to make money), but the Defense advancement for the class has dropped A LOT (probably because Scoundrels, with their already high dex, were unrealistically unhittable).
Anyway, lots of stuff. Off you go.

Update — Timeline

I’ve added atimeline to the Prince of Alderaan game data. It should help people sort out what’s happening when in the greater scheme of things.
Note to players:
Here’s how to figure out your age:
Step One: Check your current age. That’s how old you were for the Ando Prime mission.
Step Two: Add two years. That’s how old you are now. Update your sheet accordingly.
(Make a mental note that “Damsel in Distress” took place in the (half)year before Ando Prime.)

Star Wars Update

Another (messy) update to the d20 Star Wars Campaign.
Added more senatorial stuff and started working on pix for various NPCs that aren’t senators — the first of these is one “Nayda”, a vitrolic young girl that Dag was lucky enough to escort during a function at the Alderaanian Embassy.


I’ve done some overhauling at the Padawan’s Cave, removing the star maps that I don’t find myself using at all, and getting together a house rules page.
Quite a bit of the changes are happening in the Prince of Alderaan section, where I’ve added little snippets on some of the major NPCs and have started messing with an intro page for all of the characters. Big development! A picture of Bail Organa of Alderaan, A.K.A. “the Boss”.
Right now, the “Overview” page is also the “NPC” page, but I think I’m going to change that pretty quickly… I don’t care for the look of it very much as it is.
Star Wars Trivia: I’m almost sure they called the senator “Bail Antilles of Alderaan” in Ep 1, but now it’s Bail Organa, which makes sense, but that doesn’t explain Ep. 1. Am I remembering it wrong? Is Antilles some sort of whacked-out honorific? Are there two Senators from Alderaan, both named Bail, both important, but with different last names? Doesn’t seem likely.

Finally, a really gamer geek quiz

What D&D Character Are You?
I Am A: Neutral Good Half-Elf Bard Thief

Neutral Good characters believe in the power of good above all else. They will work to make the world a better place, and will do whatever is necessary to bring that about, whether it goes for or against whatever is considered ‘normal’.

Half-Elves are a cross between a human and an elf. They are smaller, like their elven ancestors, but have a much shorter lifespan. They are sometimes looked down upon as half-breeds, but this is rare. They have both the curious drive of humans and the patience of elves.

Primary Class:
Bards are the entertainers. They sing, dance, and play instruments to make other people happy, and, frequently, make money. They also tend to dabble in magic a bit.

Secondary Class:
Thieves are the most roguish of the classes. They are sneaky and nimble-fingered, and have skills with traps and locks. While not all use these skills for burglary, that is a common occupation of this class.

Find out What D&D Character Are You?, courtesy ofNeppyMan (e-mail)

Thanks to Ms. Roy for this link.

Other Game Writing

Randy updates his blog with comments about the various games he playing or planning on running at Q.E.D. — Quinn Elicits Dismay. Interesting and fun stuff which contains Randy’s (unsurprising) answer to the question “Which game do I like better? Amber or Anything Else?)

Scooby-dooby Who

So, Randy pointed me to this. Kind of interesting, even if you hate Scooby-doo (I do.)
What roles do your characters fill?
Do you follow a certain trend?