Quickly, Hive Pocket

Anyone here played Hive Pocket with their kids? I got it based off a reddit review and my daughter (7) LOVES it, and loves a good "best of five" match with Daddy. (For that matter, I enjoy it too, as does my wife and everyone I've shown it to. The play scales beautifully depending on […]

As much as I'm longing for some super-heroic #gaming  beat-down right now,…

As much as I'm longing for some super-heroic #gaming  beat-down right now, this pretty much sums up why I won't be spending money on the new Marvel game that just launched. Penny Arcade – Marvelous Heroism Print Added. Woo! You’ve just added the print below to your cart. What Next? Go to Checkout Browse the […]


https://www.dropbox.com/s/vzy155a2ybmah7k/2013-06-04%2010.46.06.png Mind control. Tricky subject in any RPG, let alone Fate, but I've got supers on my mind, and when you get to someone like Emma Frost, these things come up. How to handle it? * Use Will to set a Mind-controlled aspect on someone, then pay a Fate Point to compel it? Seems a […]

Testing the Google+blog plugin with a public #gaming post about the tabletop/hangouts…

Testing the Google+blog plugin with a public #gaming post about the tabletop/hangouts game I'm playing in this weekend. "In the not too distant future, an alien race invaded the Earth and threatened to enslave humanity. But soon after their arrival, and subsequent announcement of their intentions, the first SPB (Super Powered Being) showed himself. He […]

Book Review: John Scalzi’s Old Man’s War

I’ve got another book review up at themittani.com. This one’s on Old Man’s War, which I went years without reading despite (or maybe because of) the great reviews. It took meeting John at a mutual book signing to get me to take the plunge. But that’s not why I’m excited about sharing it. Every time […]

Eve Forever

I have trouble explaining to my non-Eve-playing gamer friends what it is about the game that I find so compelling. It’s everything. It’s one little thing. It’s that other little thing that I love, except when I hate it. It’s the people, because they’re awesome. It’s the people, because they’re horrible. It’s… complicated. I’ve been […]

Life in Eve: Notebook

My notes from last night, unadorned: Roam with CB, Em, and Shan. CB in a slicer doing most of the scouting, plex checking, and war target tackling. In his words, ‘barn storming’, which he liked. Shan did a bit too, but his Slasher was using was more for brawls and offensive plexing, not fast tackle. […]

Life in Eve: How to Kill Joy-sucking Faction Warfare Farmers #eveonline

So one of the more annoying (albeit small) problems with Faction Warfare that I mentioned yesterday is the fact that “running” complexes (either offensively or defensively) is, about 90% of the time, done by guys flying small, cheap ships that are built to tank damage, move fast, and let’s-not-even-bother-with-guns. This post details the basic process […]

Hidden Things Release Week News

Things are going to be very crazy around Casa Testerman this week, and rather than just going radio silent, I figured I’d at least let you guys know what’s going on. So Hidden Things officially releases tomorrow — I’ve gotten a lot of messages from people telling me that they’ve gotten notification their preorders are […]

Eve Online: My Year in Review

This is going to be one of those posts that isn’t time-delayed, due to the subject matter. I just noticed that I started playing Eve one year and one day ago. January 22nd, 2011 marked my return to EvE to give it another try after failing to find anything of interest over four years previous. […]

Life in a Wormhole: “How do I shot teh Sleepers?” #eveonline

Those of you who don’t really play EVE and just read this stuff to see what I got blown up this week might want to either skip this post, or just read the bits that aren’t in text-blocks. This post is a bit of a departure from my normal day-in-the-life post series in two ways. […]

What to play, what to play…

De’s providing all my material lately. This weekend, she writes me and says: get to start GMing here shortly. What indie RPG should I take a look at, that we haven’t played? High story, low/medium number crunching, run it for about six sessions before we decide whether to keep going/try something else. So De’s played Burning […]

2009: The Year In Gaming

Well, the year in *my* gaming, anyway. Last year, during the holidays, Tim (I’m pretty sure it was Tim) suggested that we set up a regular gaming schedule for: A small group. On weeknights. This coincided well with my long-time desire to get a regularly scheduled game night going again. The small group also meant […]

Our first Mouse Guard session: “Not much use as a postmouse” and “A New Route to Ivydale”

Wow, I kind of screwed some things up in the first session, but we had a lot of fun anyway. What follows is the tale of one play session that, by the suggested structure of play in the rules, was really two ‘missions’ worth of stuff (two cycles of “GM’s Turn, Player’s Turn”). I didn’t […]