Penny Arcade Goodness

The Penny Arcade guys are doing a story book inspired by the impressionistic, story-book-like art of the new Prince of Persia — new pages going up all through December. Also, they just finished some more “traditionally PA” style comics for Fallout 3.

game link: Corpse Craft

Build an army of reanimated corpses to destroy your foes in this puzzle-action hybrid. The mutant child of a Bejeweled, Edward Gorey, and (at least in my head) the Shab al-Hiri Roach. I got stomped in a pvp match, then went back to single player to learn how to lose more slowly. Incredibly addictive and […]

Design Challenge: a world without spiders

The premise: A GM is starting up a new game, and wants to have a world with no spiders. Result: people make suggestions. My personal favorite is the one where Lolth the Demon Queen of Spiders has been killed, and her death took all her little eight-legged minions out with her. The results, it appears, […]

How did they know?

Waiting in my Inbox, early this morning… Not quite the 60% discount is was on preorder, but the box set of all three core books is still 40+% less than the sticker price, and approximately half what the three books would cost, purchased separately (sorry, FLGS).

For the nerd on your Father’s Day list

Dungeons and Dragons, 4th Edition. I’m sorry, I’m just hearing too much good stuff about it. The indie roleplaying community is going gah-gah over it. “If old-school basic Dungeons and Dragons were rewritten by Days of Wonder, after they’d played Spirit of the Century for six months.” It’s meant to be a high magic game… […]

Dragonlance Animated Movie: first one released in a few days.

Holy crap. Holy CRAP. Okay, the animation isn’t great, but the voices are pretty good. Why am I so excited? Here’s the story with Dragonlance. Basically, a group of DnD players back in the days of ADnD, working at TSR, ran a campaign. The two authors who were writing the books basically statted out the […]

So Conflicted

The Zombie Fluxx card games combines a great love and a great hate of mine. Love: Zombies. Man, I likes me some zombies. Hate: Fluxx. I’m goal oriented enough that the constantly shifting ‘win’ requirements in Fluxx actually give me a headache (and remind me of a few too many bad I.T. projects). I’m torn. […]