AV’s, Rudalak, Munchies, and YOU

Current chatter about how difficult AVs are to beat in i7 is making me a bit nervous about the end of the Rudalak TF on Sunday…
And… as the post listed above is about the Sister Psyche TF, and I wanted to do that TF during Monday Munchies this week… yeah.
BTW, who wants to do Sister Psyche during the Monday Munchies this week? Seems like all the active folks are in the 20-25 range for it.


  1. Re AVs, most recent announcement:

    Upon further review of the change, and your empassioned pleas, we are going to scale back the regen rate buff of the Archvillains and Giant Monsters by 80%.
    Basically they will be tougher than they were before, but in comparison to how tough we made them in Issue 7, they will be only 20% tougher. (Example: if prior to I7, an AV had a regen rate of “100 points per second”, and afterwards it was “1100 points per second” we are making it “300 points per second”.)

    It’s the regen rate that folks have been most bitching about, so this is definitely a Good Thing. But given that needs to roll to test and then patch, Rudalak may be at Full Uber-Regen still on Sunday.

  2. And:

    We actually used teams that were reported as failing in this thread (or reasonable facsimilies, thereof.) Positron? He went down easy. Numina, on the other hand, handed us our hats while laughing, and sipping a cup of tea. Yeah, it was bad.
    I’m making changes now. They’ll go through QA on Monday, then, assuming this and everything else that is being worked on don’t blow anything up, we send it over to NCSoft, who do their own QA pass. So, sometime soon, you folks’ll see it.

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