Masks, Phoenix Academy, Session 10 – Midterms Meltdown

The team deals with midterm drama. (randompodcast): Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | RSS

Masks, Phoenix Academy, Session 8 – Jiggety Jig

The team figures out Alias’s diversion and block his access to the computer servers at their (previously, his) base.

Masks – Phoenix Academy – Session 6 – Date Night in Cloud Cuckoo Land

The team faces off against Oversight’s disapproval, then (finally) gets their date night with the bois. (randompodcast): Play in

Masks Phoenix Academy, Session 3 – Why I Hate Gym Class (or: The Secret of Jack-toast)

The team deals with the most horrible of school challenges – a Tuesday morning after a bad Monday. Ember’s mom

Masks Phoenix Academy, Session 2 – The Non-Frolick

The team deals with teacher-pressure, social pressure, and a team-building exercise that goes sideways. Everyone – especially Sil – had

Masks Phoenix Academy, Actual Play, Session 01 – Comicbook Clickbait

Our first session with Kaylee and her friends as Silhouette, Ember, and Palacine. The team fights Voltaic, recovers in the

Masks EG – Session 00 AP Recording

In which our players create their heroes. PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a great recording – we were in a