Tick Tock

We’re coming up on a changing of the guard, I think. People’s schedules are changing, including mine, and I forsee a major alteration in my regular gaming schedule, probably within the next month. Not sure what I think of that.

Pulpy Goodness

I’ve finally added a link to the Pulp Adventures! website on the linkbar to the left. (The only reason I hadn’t up to this point was technical complications that would have come up with certain search engines.) At any rate, this thing has been taking up a big chunk of my time lately, especially at […]


Now that I’m done ranting about Diceless stuff, I’ll say this: Mike’s rules for New Mutiny are smart, elegant, clean, and probably the best SFSP Amber rules I’ve ever seen. If I ever run an Amber game again, it’ll be with those rules or some version thereof. (Hell, it’s almost enough to make me want […]

Amber Page updates

I’ve finally posted the log of the last TiHE session (the 91st) after thinking I’d lost it. You can read 83 to 91 right here. In related news, The Hall of Mirrors, as a blog, has ceased to be (I’d had it up for over a year with only 18 posts, so I didn’t really […]

Just when you thought was safe to go back in the Scheduler…

Okay folks, this looks like what I’ve got on the upcoming game schedule, both from Friday night stuff and what I’ll simply label “other”. June 14 (Friday): Star Wars June 15 (Saturday): JSquad & Cry Havoc June 21 (Friday): DnD June 22 (Saturday): Living Force catch-up at the house June 28 (Friday): Star Wars June […]


It stands for Total Party Kill. I’ve never perpetrated such a thing on any of my tables. Until Saturday. Long story short: in a lighthouse, someone (okay, it was Rey) cast a wall of fire in a room containing six 250-gallon copper tuns full of lamp oil. In the next room were sixty-five five gallon […]

Techie Tricks

Dave has used MT (and mad design skillz 🙂 to come up with a great page for a character he’s running for the Ill Met in Amber PBeM. Truly Excellent. I wish I was playing in a game, so I could do something this cool. Oh, wait. There’s DAVE’S game. And RANDY’S game (except I […]


Not many. I’m writing a review for an online Gamer Magazine, on a d20 sourcebook. I’ll link to that that when it’s up. I purchased Spycraft for d20, which I hope to incorporate some ideas from into the Living Pulp endeavor. Star Wars this weekend, and I believe I owe this site an update on […]


– Oriental Adventures – Farscape RPG (or even frigging info on when it comes out) – Tome and Blood sourcebook – Silence and Song sourcebook All of the WEG modules converted to d20.


I haven’t put an entry in here for so long that MT has removed all my other entries — too old. So here’s the Halloween update. I’m leaving for Portland tomorrow for Amber Con North West (ACNW). The con runs 3.5 days, and while I participate in a con or gameday almost every month, this […]


Added a new Shapeshifter class to the d20 Amber Basic Character Classes. I really like how that guy turned out. Also, tweaked ranger and got rid of Druid. Things still to do: I figured out the rules for making Trumps (needs more detail), but not the rules on how to use them. Extension of this: […]


Updates to the Amber d20 pages. Specifically, did some work on the character classes, notably Ranger. Started the painful process of eliminating non-genre spells from the Magic section. Finished the Feats and skills for Logrus (Probably won’t do the non-canon powers for a long while, especially since my favorite power (Twilight) can be done more […]


I just found my free round-trip flight voucher that expires at the end of the year, and tonight is the last official deadline day to register for AmberCon Northwest. Hmmm… I need to rattle Simone’s cage and see if there’s still room.